Feast of the Chair of St. Peter, apostle

Today's Mass Readings


Today we honor the Chair of St. Peter, the first pope, given this office by Christ before His resurrection. Something undoubtedly worth noting on this feast is why Peter obtained this gift. On Good Friday, during the proclamation of the Passion narrative, we remember that Peter was the one who denied knowing Christ not once but three times. If Peter denied Our Lord three times, why did Christ decide to make him His successor, knowing how Peter would respond to those inquiring about their relationship? While Our Lord knew this would happen, He chose to make Peter His successor because He knew that Peter would be eager to return to His love and mercy. On the other hand, Judas also betrayed Our Lord but was unwilling to return to Christ. Peter had the worse sin compared to Judas, but Peter was the one who returned to Christ. What does this mean for us in our lives?

We must look at the example of St. Peter and his humility to acknowledge his grave mistake and seek to return to Our Lord’s mercy. For if we ask for God’s forgiveness and genuinely have a desire to do better, God will give us the grace necessary to return to His love. For without His grace, we can do nothing. Therefore, let us lead lives that the Holy Spirit directs so that we may love God and our neighbor as Our Lord is calling us.

Reflection by Dominick, seminarian

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