Friday of the Second Week of Easter

Today's Mass Readings


This story from Acts is always an inspiration to me. Gamaliel declares that if the Apostles’ endeavor is from God, it will succeed. If it was simply a human endeavor, it would fail. This is a great reminder that whatever we do God is the one who has the final say. God decides what is good. We have our plans, hopes, expectations, and dreams. These are good. Yet only God decides what is good and what will last in the end. Human plans are finite and temporal.

There’s an event from my home diocese that reflects this. Four parishes were established and developed within a one-mile radius of each other. As time went on, the Catholic population spread out and it was decided that one of the four parishes would have to relocate. None of the parishes wanted to relocate, but it was decided that Parish/Church A would have to move. This wasn’t a popular decision and Parish A incurred debt when it relocated. About a year later, a tornado came through and hit Church B. They had to rebuild Church B in a different location. The running joke was that the diocese had made its decision about what parish would have to move, and then God made His own decision.

Now this story doesn’t mean God wanted to destroy that Church. It simply highlights the fact that human plans are often alternated or even overridden by life’s events. We are called to thus respond in grace and in hope. For the record, both parishes are doing fine at this time.

We follow Christ in hope. We follow because we have “seen the signs” Jesus performs, just as the people did in the Gospel today. Let us move forward in hope. Our endeavors and dreams will come to completion if they are from God.

Reflection Question: What are your dreams and hopes that you want to succeed? Take these to prayer and ask God if they are part of His hope for you.

Reflection by Br. Matthew Marie, OSB

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