Memorial of St. Aloysius Gonzaga, religious

Today's Mass Readings


I remember visiting my brothers in Alburquerque a few years back, and on a Saturday morning, I asked them to take me to the big city flea market. After parking the car I could already see a huge line at the gate door to get into the flea market. I told my brothers I wasn’t waiting in line, that I was going to keep walking along the fence line and find another gate to get in. Surely there’s another entrance to this big flea market I thought. There wasn’t! I kept walking and walking and nope, no other entrance, just the one!

We are persons who want to find the easy way in. Jesus in the gospel today tells his disciples basically that the life of the person following His new faith will not have a walk in the park. The faithful follower should prepare himself to come upon trials, challenges, hardships, and persecution. The door that leads to God is not one that is big so that everyone can pass through in an orderly fashion. On the contrary, it’s a little door, where you will be pinned against others, and all will be squishing to get through. It will be chaotic. Are you ready for this, brothers and sisters? There’s no cutting in line, there’s no looking for another entrance. There’s no other door, there is no easy way through.

Knowing this, let us be resolved that in the chaos, we will allow the Lord to be our guide through the door. St. Aloysius Gonzaga, pray for us.

Reflection by Fr. Macario Martinez, OSB

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