Memorial of St. Ambrose, Bishop and Doctor of the Church

Today's Mass Readings


Imagine you conducted a survey among willing adults and asked only this one question: “what is your basic image of God?” What image of God would predominate?

Many factors could shape their answers. Therefore, it’s too simple to say that if a person sees God as a hard, demanding taskmaster, it’s because as a child they always had to measure up, or not. Likewise, it’s too simple to say that describing God as a gentle and loving Father must come out of a childhood marked by gentle, forgiving love.

I suggest that the question forces us to examine our deepest desires. Those who study human nature tell us that our deepest desire is to love and to be loved. St. Augustine gave us a key insight so many centuries ago when he said, “Our hearts are made for you O Lord, and they are restless until they rest in you.”

God searches for us through Jesus first to love us, so that we can love in return.

Our world is filled with hiding places for those who become lost. Are there things we must change to allow ourselves to be found?

Reflection by Fr. Daniel Petsche, OSB

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