Memorial of St. Bernard, Abbot and Doctor of the Church

Today's Mass Readings


I came across a line in my spiritual reading book that stood out as if God had taken a bright yellow highlighter and clearly marked it. It simply read: “No love can ever fill our heart like the love of God.” This statement could not speak the truth more clearly. When we come to experience and know God’s love, it is somewhat similar to other loves and enjoyments in this world, but it is so much greater.

The delights of the interior life, the graces and blessings God can and will give us in prayer far surpass anything that this world has to offer. When you truly experience this, you delight in God’s goodness and how He gives us a foretaste of the Kingdom to come.

God tells us, “I love you.” But, that dark voice inside many people still responds: “I’m unlovable, I’m worthless.” God’s voice must be the louder voice to bring light to your darkness. If you want your heart filled completely, overflowing—then be patient and persistent in your life of faith, your life of prayer, in loving God and others. “Love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind—and love your neighbor as yourself.” Only then can we fully allow God’s grace to touch our hearts and experience a love that is unlike any other.

Reflection Question: How have I responded to the Lord’s love with gratitude?

Reflection by Fr. Paul Sheller, OSB

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