Memorial of St. Cornelius, pope, & St. Cyprian, bishop, martyrs

Today's Mass Readings


We live in the midst of a phenomenon called “Cancel Culture.” It often goes like this: A certain person, a celebrity, politician, or historical figure is criticized for something they did wrong. It can be a word they said or a thing they did, sometimes even decades or years ago. The wrong is made known, and then the accusers declare that the person is “canceled.” They are a pariah to society. No more. They cannot be respected or condoned. This, of course, is not Christian.

Christianity holds people accountable. That’s true. And the level of accountability correlates to the degree of the wrong they committed. The difference is that Christianity does not condemn people simply because they failed and did wrong. Christianity offers redemption to all Christians. We do not follow a cancel culture but a “Saints’ Society,” full of people who have at times fallen or failed, and yet have returned to Jesus asking for pardon for their sins. Jesus did not condemn or “cancel” the woman who came to Him. He accepted her and offered her forgiveness. Let us find hope and joy in the midst of this redemption that Jesus so greatly offers us. Let us also return to the Sacrament of Reconciliation often to find Jesus waiting with His patience and His mercy.

Reflection by Br. Matthew Marie, OSB

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