Memorial of St. Francis Xavier, Priest

Today's Mass Readings


Today is the feast of St. Francis Xavier, patron saint of missionaries. On Monday I said that we are called this Advent Season to be missionaries, and as St. Francis Xavier says “When trying to evangelize, no tool is more effective than that of personal witness…People can argue with points of doctrine but no one can argue with a personal testimony!”

Sunday, I shared with you the story of my grandfather. Tuesday, I told the story of my mother’s annunciation. Today, we lean on the story Jesus tells of the wise man who built his house on the rock. My monastic community, family and friends, and especially Jesus are my rock. They are the ones who support me and help me carry my cross daily. Jesus, though he didn’t need them, had the disciples as his support system.

Do you have a support system that helps you grow in your faith and love and helps you to be a better missionary? Always remember to build your own little chapel on this rock, so that the Lord can lift you up.

Reflection by Br. Maximilian Burkhart, OSB

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