Memorial of St. Lucy, virgin and martyr

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Quite a few people profess to enjoy the season of Advent – even as a favorite. What is so special about the season of Advent?

Many things combine to make it an uplifting time. There is a definite message of hope. A promise of salvation. A promise of deliverance. It is that hope, that promise, that deliverance that gives us new hope. Everywhere we look or in every part of our existence, people are searching for something new, uplifting. It could be a new way of looking at the world, at ourselves, at our lives as people of faith. So, it is called a season of hope. That hope might take a different form for each of us.

Hope. A confidence in something yet to come, something longed for, something sought after. Looking for a hopeful future. Looking for new possibilities. For things to be different for us.

Hope. A confidence in the possibility of change, growth, new life. It is like the confidence that that come next spring there will once again return warm breezes, fresh growth, and beauty.

Hope. Looking for growth in holiness. Seeking to grow along the ways the Lord calls us. Perhaps it means better self-understanding. And it certainly includes growing closer to the Lord Jesus.

Today we celebrate the feast of St Lucy, the young virgin and martyr of the early centuries of the church. We know little about her, yet her martyrdom is a witness to us of strong faith. Her name means “light.” We celebrate her feast in Advent—less than 2 weeks before Christmas, just a week or so before the winter solstice, the shortest day (and so the darkest day) of the year. Her witness becomes just one more light to guide our path during these days. The witness of a martyr shows tremendous faith and courage, a strong belief in the power of the Lord present in her.

Come O Lord, stir up your power and come, come and set us free.

Reflection by Fr. Peter Ullrich, OSB

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