Monday of Seventh Week in Ordinary Time

Today's Mass Readings


Today’s readings follow a theme of continual conversion. Although it can be difficult to acknowledge our sinfulness, we must do so for our conversion. How easy things would be if, like the boy in the Gospel, we would have outward signs of the impact of evil within us. He, possessed by a demon, foamed at the mouth and was thrown about. When we experience the evil of sin, we feel a pang of guilt at the most and feel nothing at the least. Recognizing the evil in our lives takes real effort and serious self-reflection. The Letter of James reveals this fact to us when he writes that even wisdom, a seemingly good thing, can turn out to be pride.

Our psalm tells us the goodness of the Lord, how He is refreshing and trustworthy. We know of the goodness of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Jesus tells us that if we have faith in Him, trust in that goodness, and ask for His healing, it awaits us. But, we must acknowledge our sinfulness if we are ever to ask for forgiveness. Let us reflect on our lives, examine our actions, and turn to the mercy of Christ as we strive for the eternal heavenly relationship that awaits us.

Reflection by Garrett, seminarian

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