The Seventh Day in the Octave of Christmas

Today's Mass Readings


John begins today’s gospel with “in the beginning was the Word,” and says in the first reading, “it is the last hour.” At least for John and the scriptures in general, the beginning and end of time are marked, not by Big Bangs, but by the absolute sovereignty and rule of Christ.

However, the end is more than a return to the beginning. Something marvelous has happened in the meantime. In the beginning, the Word existed with God and was God. However, at the end of time, the Word will be with God but will have all those human beings and elements of creation that he had gathered to himself in time. By becoming flesh, the Word has made it possible for all creation to be united with God for eternity.

The end of a calendar year provides an excellent opportunity to reflect on how the Word has become flesh in my own life and in our world this very unusual year. How has Jesus Christ, who is love, broken into my darkness, and hardness of heart? May he do so even more in the coming year!

Reflection by Abbot Benedict Neenan, OSB

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