Thursday of the First Week of Advent

Today's Mass Readings


Where do we place our trust? Think for a moment when deciding where do you put the majority of your trust? Do you trust yourself the most? Or is it a spouse? Maybe a trusted friend? Is it a movement? Or perhaps, no one? Do you have trust in anything?

Trust, or faith, is a hard-earned gift. We have all been hurt in many ways, even by people and organizations meant to be the most trustworthy. It might even be the Church that has damaged that trust.

As humans, we mess things up, even good things. We are not called to place our trust in purely human motives and plans; they go wrong. However, we are called to trust in the word of God. This word has said that life will be hard. It means carrying the cross. This word has also noted that in times of trouble, God would be with us. This being with us is hard to see, but it is there. It is there in the person who offers a smile, a hand, and a place to listen. It is there in the times of joy, of community, and in moments, even if brief, of peaceful prayer. To have faith is to continue despite there being no easy answer.

Listen to the words offered today and trust, “Trust in the LORD forever! For the LORD is an eternal Rock.”

Reflection by Fr. Etienne Huard, OSB

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