Thursday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

Today's Mass Readings


Reform and social change are ideas that come to the forefront at certain times in history. Change is not a bad thing. Social causes can lead to positive outcomes. An unfortunate outcome happens when social movements lose sight of their original ideals. The ideology of a social cause can make enemies out of people who are outside them. There is a poetic beauty in Christianity in that it offers redemption to anyone, even those outside of its fold. Whereas a secular or social cause will view those who don’t conform to it as irredeemable, Christianity always offers the opportunity for redemption and reconciliation to those who are “on the outside.”

Jesus’ redeeming sacrifice is offered to all humanity. People are free to choose or reject it. Jesus’ arms are always open as they were on the Cross two millennia ago. No matter how high someone lives in life, we all will “rest with our ancestors” as David did in today’s reading. We all return to our Creator after life’s travails. Jesus offers us repentance. He sent his disciples out in the Gospel to spread this same message. This has been the message of Christianity for two thousand years. And it is the same today. Amen.

Reflection by Br. Matthew Marie, OSB

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