Thursday of the Thirty-third Week in Ordinary Time

Today's Mass Readings


During this time of division and uncertainty, it’s important to reflect on the importance of peace in our lives and how we stand for truth. There are many problems we see in the world. There are many battles and debates raging around us. Where is our place? What is our duty? How are we called to speak the truth?

We have to look at all these current events in the shadow of Eternity. We shouldn’t posture ourselves above others. No one is “worthy”, as Revelation would say, except the Lamb who was sacrificed for us. We cannot find peace if we choose to remain bitterly divided by certain differences of belief or viewpoint. Yes, we can choose our own opinions and we stand for what we believe in, but it is wrong to disrespect those we disagree with. Our place in all of this is to be Christian before anything else. We are meant to stand for what is true. All the more so when people reject what is true. The defense of truth and love for one’s neighbor are not contradictory. If you stand for truth, you will love your neighbor more. If you disrespect the neighbor you disagree with, you do not stand for truth. This is the beautiful balance of our faith. We love our neighbor and we stand for truth. This isn’t a contradiction. This is a balm of healing for our imperfect world. And as Jesus said, “if this day you only knew what makes for peace.”

As a Christian, are you prepared to accept the truth and defend it even if there are many who reject it? Will you say a prayer and show kindness to someone who holds an opinion you strongly disagree with?

Reflection by Br. Matthew Marie, OSB

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