Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Advent

Today's Mass Readings


God’s love for the human race was not an abstract, theoretical love. It was very concrete. It took flesh in the person of Jesus Christ. People were able to see and experience God’s love for them in the human person of Jesus Christ.

Mary’s love in visiting her pregnant cousin, Elizabeth, was also not an abstract, theoretical love; it did not remain in her heart but it took flesh and was expressed in her loving actions: fixing meals, washing dishes, cleaning the house, and cheering up Elizabeth and mute Zachariah.

We also aspire to love since we have all been loved by God. But too often we settle for a kind of theoretical love in the heart rather than love expressed concretely. What are the ways I can put into action my love for my family and friends, for my community, or for our hurting world, as Mary did? How can I, within the context of my vocation, my work, my capacity, and my health, show further to others the love I have received from God?

Reflection by Abbot Benedict Neenan, OSB

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