Tuesday of the Tenth Week in Ordinary Time

Today's Mass Readings


“You are salt of the Earth…light of the World.” Salt and light are not often things you think about that go together. We use salt as seasoning, and any doctor worth their salt would not suggest adding more salt to your diet! When it comes to light we are used to artificial light being at our disposal at the flip of a switch.

This is where we have to step into Jesus’ shoes and see things as they were in His times. Salt was needed to keep food fresh and edible in Jesus’ time. Light was a less available commodity in Jesus’ time since people lived by sunlight and only had artificial light if they used a candle or oil lamp. Jesus thus places two valuable things together, salt and light. One would be lost without them. If salt loses its zest, or light is not found, then these things no longer serve a valuable purpose.

We as Christians are called to always bring forth the Gospel in our lives. It is not enough to render lip service to our faith. We must bring the Gospel into everything we do. Admittedly, this isn’t easy. It can be hard to identify when and how to bring forth Gospel values. Still, it is what we are called to do, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Reflection: There may be a situation you are encountering, either in work or family life, which is hard to understand and lacks clarity. You feel that you want to make it better but you are unsure of what to do. Take this to prayer, asking God to guide you in this certain situation. Remember, you are salt and light. You are alive in Christ!

Reflection by Br. Matthew Marie, OSB

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