Wednesday of the First Week in Advent

Today's Mass Readings


Today in the Gospel, we hear about the story of the loaves and the fish. Jesus took seven loaves and a few fish and multiplied them to a crowd of about 4,000, and the disciples picked up seven baskets full left over. If you noticed in the Gospel, they were in a deserted place. In their anxiety and worry, the disciples said, “Where could we ever get enough bread in this deserted place to satisfy such a crowd?”

This reminds me of St. Peter walking on the water; he almost drowned because of his lack of faith. Faith is something that should always be our driving force to get to heaven, but sometimes we feel as if we don’t have enough fuel in the tank. There are times when we want to give up and throw in the towel. But the Lord shows pity and especially mercy on us and feeds us with the finest wheat, His body and blood. Jesus knows that we are weak, and like the four thousand, He wants us to be nourished and strengthened. He gives us himself at Mass, feeding us both spiritually through His word and physically under the veil of bread and wine.

As we wait for the Lord’s coming, let us be strengthened by His precious body and blood of our Lord so that we may greet him with joy.

Reflection by Br. Maximilian Burkhart, OSB

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