Wednesday of the Ninth Week in Ordinary Time

Today's Mass Readings


I remember getting to know an elderly woman who spoke fondly of her husband. At the same time, she looked forward with excitement to heaven without reference to reunion with him. It was unusual but to me seemed appropriate.

God denies us no good thing that would contribute to the joy of heaven. This is why the resurrection itself is a validation of the goods of the body rather than rejection of the material world. Yet, St. John says we will be like God. We want the best for those we love; we want to share heaven with them all. Still, heaven and adoring God are the greater goods.

We often do this, we seek the intermediate need over the long-term goal. Obviously, Jesus teaches us to ask for daily bread; Tobit and Sara ask for help for their present distress. But too frequently, we submit ultimate goods for intermediate ones. What is the content of our prayer? Is it for what we want or to be present to God? Do we go to confession to be freed of feeling guilty or because we offended God and wish to be reconciled? Do we live for today or make decisions that well up to eternity?

Each vocation – married or celibate – is a path of holiness to heaven. Eye has not seen what God has prepared for us. Let us live our vocations with the end in mind.

Reflection by Fr. Pachomius Meade, OSB

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